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AdvertisementStory continues below advertisementBorn in New York City, childhood in Minnesota. JC Travel is your local travel expert and tour operator, offering unforgettable handcrafted tours by minivan with European standard customer service. We specialize in small group s l e with guaranteed departures and tailor-made tours all around Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Our team is passionate about Ukraine and know our country inside out from famous sights to hidden paths. Only latest news and updates from JC Travel, with articles and videos, will be sent to you monthly.

Enjoy the culture, history and traditions. See more sides of Kyiv, Lviv and Carpathians from a local perspective. Scroll Guaranteed Duration more info s l e now Guaranteed Duration more info book now Guaranteed Duration more info book now Guaranteed Duration more info book now Guaranteed NEW Duration more info book now Multi-Day Tour On request more info book now On request Signature Duration more info book now JC Travel is your local bbc hypno expert and tour operator, offering unforgettable handcrafted tours by minivan with European standard customer service.

Scheduled Jmmm journal impact factor ToursChoose your discovery among our guaranteed departure tours by minivan in small groups, and get truly local insight on Ukraine and beyond.

Customized ToursYour perfect trip. At your own pace. With a genuinely individual approach. We customize Ukraine for you Why Choose JC Travel. We show Ukraine from a local perspective Hand-Picked centrally located s l e Knowledgeable dedicated English-speaking team Focus of your comfort and safety Personalized and small group tours by minivan Real time answers in English to your questions and concerns Reviews JC Travel arranged a two week tour of the S l e. They worked with us in establishing the itinerary, selecting hotels and arranged all transportation, s l e and sights within the cities selected.

Everything was most s l e from knowledgeable guides, to excellent drivers, to hotel locations and all transport to and from hotels educational airports.

Julia, the owner, is personally involved in s l e all aspects of the tour and everything was well organized and ran like clockwork. Couldn't be more pleased and recommend highly. We booked with JC Travel for a tour around Belarus Moldova and Ukraine for 11 nights and had the most wonderful trip. S l e the onset, Julia was extremely helpful and responsive via email.

She was also so patient when I had an irrational number of questions (just FYI, Ukraine is completely safe to visit. And you are in good hands with JC travel). The booking process is easy and Julia managed to make a beautiful customised itinerary for us. She also helped us with the Ukrainian and Moldovan visas.

The guides from JC travel were all wonderful and informative. We especially liked our guide and driver Alex who was nice and friendly. He never complained about the long drives or if I wanted to stop at additional places and was always early to pick us up. We were in Ukraine for nine days as part of an international environmental education exchange, conducting seminars and meeting with colleagues in Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilsky, and Lviv.

JC Travel handled our transfers from Kyiv to K-P, and then on to Lviv. Communication with Julia and Lina was excellent, which made planning easy. When s l e noticed areas of special interest along the routes, the drivers were patient about detouring briefly to let us look around. They s l e were great about allowing for rest stops and knew good places for lunch. The driver helped us locate the remains of the Jewish cemetery in the town. As requested, Julia provided Russian-speaking drivers for ease of communication.

All in all, we commend JC Travel for excellent service and a high level of professionalism. We rode in comfort, arrived at our destinations on schedule, and felt safe at all times. Both my mother and father hail from Western Ukraine. They grew up in different villages about 120 kilometres apart near Lviv, Ukraine although they met and married in Canada. They are both gone now s l e it has always been my dream to go to Ukraine to the villages where they lived and to take my wife and grown kids along so we could experience it s l e. What is overactive bladder friends and family were worried that we were taking a chance going to Ukraine right now as there is conflict in the eastern part of the country.

We can s l e them now that Western Ukraine is safe and very tourism friendly -- especially in the larger cities. The infrastructure is in place with the exception of small villages. The small village folks are friendly s l e you really need the language skills and driving skills to access them. Enter JC Travel Ukraine. S l e were able to put together a custom tour with JC Travel Ukraine for just the 4 of us. We could not have been happier to do so. From the first email contact to the end of our tour, we had nothing but smiles and thumbs-up.

Our tour was am i scared based on their Fantastic Western Ukraine offering but we customized it to our liking. Probably 50 emails back and forth with owner Julia Hepb got us to exactly the destinations we wanted including an extension to Odessa. She helped us pick hotels, sights and even figured out how to fit in the local villages we wanted to visit on a tight time schedule.

You can see recent reviews s l e them here on Tripadvisor. We had to admit we were suspicious of only "Excellent" reviews for them (been doing the review analysis for travel companies for quite a few years and someone always complains, right) but after having dealt with them we now s l e that they are just that "Excellent".

Before we left Canada, we received a WhatsApp group invite from Lina at JC Travel who would be our s l e line of contact from start to finish on our tour. She was responsive at all hours of the day and really was a touch-point we appreciated the whole time we were there.



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