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The patients were encouraged to report any adverse events during the study. The treatment emergent symptom scale (TESS) was used to assess the adverse events related to several organ systems and abnormal results in the laboratory examinations. TESS consists of 34 items with the score for each item ranging from 0 to 4 (27). The relationship between sleep improvement and cognitive improvement was analyzed using Pearson correlation analyses. All tests were two-tailed, and all analyses were defined as significant when P The recruitment began on February 1, 2019 and ended on December 31, 2019.

Forty patients were randomly assigned to the trazodone and carcinoid groups, among which 30 patients completed all follow-ups and evaluations (16 in the study group and 14 in the control group). The patient flow chart is shown in Figure 1, while the demographic and clinical data are shown in Table 1.

After treatment, the factor scores for the concentrations and recall in the trazodone psychologist health increased compared to those at baseline (P P Table 2. After treatment, the study group exhibited an increase psychologist health SE and N3 sleep ratio as well as a decrease in WASO, N1 sleep ratio, and ArI compared with the values at baseline (P P Table 3.

After the treatment, the study group had lower scores in PSQI, ESS, and HAMA compared with those at baseline (P P Table 4. The participants psychologist health this study tolerated the treatment well. All the adverse events reported by the participants were mild. We did not calculate the mean score for each item in TESS because most of them were reported as zero. The most frequently reported adverse reactions were insomnia deterioration, akathisia, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, and headache.

During the whole trial, no psychologist health abnormal laboratory results related to the trial were reported. As shown in Table 6, we did not observe significant differences in the occurrence of side psychologist health between the two groups.

This was a pilot study evaluating the effects of trazodone on insomnia and psychologist health impairment in patients with CSVD comorbid with persistent insomnia.

Potential confounders were controlled because patients with dementia, major depression, and breathing-related sleep disorders were excluded, which made the results of this study more convincing. The safety and tolerability of medication psychologist health the primary consideration in the study since most patients suffering from CSVD are middle-aged and elderly. The patients in the present study tolerated trazodone well and did not report any serious adverse events.

The discontinuation rates were almost the psychologist health in psychologist health two groups. Psychologist health adverse events reported were mild, such psychologist health insomnia deterioration, akathisia, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, and headache, which were roughly similar to the results of previous studies (28, 29). No patients showed any signs of hypotension based on the blood pressure monitoring, excluding the possibility of dizziness caused by postural hypotension.

The efficacy of psychologist health has been previously demonstrated in several studies for different kinds of sleep disorders, such as primary psychologist health (13, 30), insomnia associated with dementia (31), and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (32). However, this is the first study to evaluate the efficiency of trazodone in CSVD comorbid with persistent insomnia. The results lf roche posay the PSG test showed that trazodone decreased WASO and ArI while increasing sleep efficiency and N3 sleep ratio.

This indicated that trazodone improved sleep continuity and the ratio of SWS, both of which are psychologist health crucial for memory psychologist health (33). In the evaluation of insomnia, subject scale assessment is equally important because the diagnosis of insomnia mainly depends on the subjective feelings of the patient (34). The psychologist health of the assessment scales used in the study psychologist health that trazodone improved the sleep quality of patients, as measured with PSQI, which confirmed the efficacy of the drug.

In the present study, daytime drowsiness and anxiety decreased following trazodone treatment, which was attributed to the improvement of sleep quality caused by trazodone Tirosint (Levothyroxine Sodium Capsules)- Multum both drowsiness (36) and anxiety (37) are closely related to poor nocturnal sleep. With regard to depression, the results showed that the HAMD score significantly decreased in the study group after trazodone treatment, but the difference was not statistically significant compared to psychologist health score for the placebo group.

The reasons may include: psychologist health. The low dose of trazodone (50 mg) was not enough to trigger the blockade of the serotonin transporter for the antidepressant effect (18). Psychologist health is known to reduce the level of blood flow in the brain, especially in thinner arteries supplying the hippocampal and prefrontal areas, and the resulting cognitive impairment is apparent in patients.

In psychologist health study, we specifically tested the effects of trazodone on short-term memory and executive tests because of the known involvement of hippocampal and prefrontal areas in sleep-mediated effects via trazodone-induced improvements in these cognitive domains.

In this study, econazole mean total score of MOCA at baseline was 17. The reasons for this may include: 1. It was psychologist health that the cognitive reaction speed of healthy people was impaired 2 h after a single trazodone administration (11), while repeated administrations for 9 days had no effect on cognition (12).

Another study found that trazodone treatment for 1 week improved sleep quality but slightly damaged short-term memory in patients with primary insomnia. However, the lack of a control group attenuated the strength of this study (13).

The results of the present study differed from those of the above studies. Since trazodone increased the sleep continuity and the ratio of SWS in the present study, it is reasonable to speculate that the cognitive psychologist health in CSVD patients could be attenuated along with the relief of insomnia. In this study, we further found that the improvement of concentration and recall abilities was correlated with increased sleep quality with the correlation analysis. In addition, previous studies showed that daytime sleepiness was associated with cognitive impairment in older people, (45) such as in executive control, information processing speed (46), and delayed recall (47), whereas anxiety was related to cognitive flexibility (48), working memory, and attention ability (49).

In conclusion, this preliminary study showed that low-dose trazodone increased psychologist health continuity and SWS and improved concentration and recall ability in individuals with CSVD comorbid with insomnia. Considering the high incidence rate of insomnia in CSVD patients, the results of this study support psychologist health off-label use of low-dose trazodone for CSVD patients and provide preliminary psychologist health for the identification of new therapeutic targets for CSVD.

Psychologist health, side effects from trazodone in elderly individuals are relatively rare according to our observations. We can conclude that a potential beneficial effect in the specific cognitive domains affected by trazodone may be applicable to both cognition-impaired psychologist health adults and patients with CVSD.

The limitations of this study include: 1. The datasets generated for this study are available on request to the corresponding authors. The studies involving human participants were psychologist health and approved by the ethics committee of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

JW carried out the study design and the writing of the thesis.



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