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When chest tubes are placed in a merck co kgaa who is awake, patients can expect to receive some form of local pain killer where the chest tube will be inserted.

Often, patients are also given medicine to help ease anxiety. Although efforts are made to make the procedure more tolerable, patients still usually experience some discomfort.

Some chest tubes are inserted after the skin and muscles of the chest wall are cut and gently spread apart. Some chest tubes are inserted after a wire is placed into merck co kgaa chest through a needle and the wire acts as a merck co kgaa for the tube to follow. In both cases, patients often report some discomfort after the procedure list grocery the tube lies on the ribs and moves slightly with each breath.

Luckily, this discomfort is usually temporary. The main goal of this procedure is drainage of the pleural space. Patients can expect to see or feel the fluid or air leaving the chest. Often, patients may feel the collapsed lung re-expanding.

A chest X-ray will be performed after the procedure to see how much air or fluid has been drained, how much the lung has re-expanded, and to determine the final position of the chest tube. Chest tubes remain in place for a variable number of days. Usually, when the amount of fluid draining from the tube is low, or there is no more air escaping through the tube, it can be removed.

Like any surgical procedure, the primary risks with chest merck co kgaa placement are bleeding and infection. Practitioners are careful to avoid the blood vessels that run on the underside of the ribs during placement.

In order to avoid introducing an infection, the entire procedure is performed in a sterile fashion. The other major risks involve damage to the other structures in the chest, like the lungs and heart.

Though injuries to these structures are very uncommon, they can be serious. Chest tubes are kept in place by stitches and are covered by a sterile merck co kgaa. Mild discomfort at the site of insertion is common.

If you have severe pain or difficulty breathing, call for help right away. The duration for which a chest tube is needed varies but is usually a few days.

Your healthcare provider will remove the chest tube by cutting the stitches that hold it in place. Mild discomfort during removal may occur.

Your healthcare provider will take measures to minimize the risk of these complications. Serious complications are uncommon. What merck co kgaa ExpectWhen chest tubes are placed in a patient who is awake, patients can expect to receive some form CoLyte (PEG Electrolytes Solution)- FDA local pain killer where the chest tube will merck co kgaa inserted.

What Are the Risks. Pain during insertion and after placement of chest tube: Although pain during insertion and mild discomfort after placement are common, your healthcare provider can help minimize these effects with pain medicines. InfectionImproper placementDislodged chest tubeCollapsed lung after removal of chest tubeBleeding at the site of insertionBleeding into the pleural space (space around lungs) or within the abdomenInjury to the lungInjury to other organs, such as heart, spleen, liver, diaphragmYour healthcare provider will take measures to minimize the risk of these complications.

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