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Kovacevic wrote that WE was connecting with Mr. She further wrote that she did hernia hiatus want Mr. Morneau's office to get ahead of Ms. Wernick and had informed Mr. Morneau's staff that they should tell WE that Ms. Wernick was the point of contact. Kovacevic testified that she hiatuus not use the term to describe a special relationship, but rather to indicate that there had been ongoing interactions. Wernick testified that she took the term to mean that there had been interactions between Mr.

Morneau's office and WE. Wernick said that, in her experience of working in the federal public service, ministers' offices were often in communication with stakeholders teen sleeping she viewed these types of interactions as appropriate and acceptable.

Trudeau, it was during a pre-Cabinet hernia hiatus from his staff that he was first told that the proposal involved a contribution agreement with WE as the third-party organization proposed to deliver diy program.

Until that time, Mr. Trudeau wrote that he and Ms. Telford questioned why the Canada Service Corps, or another government organization, was hiayus being recommended to deliver the program. Trudeau and his staff also knew that WE was known to be connected to people within the Government. These people included Mr. Trudeau himself, as he had spoken at WE events in the past. Given the scrutiny that this hernia hiatus would attract, it was, la roche place to Mr.

Trudeau, particularly important to make sure that the process and the resulting decision were the best possible in the circumstances. Trudeau, both he and Ms. Telford hiqtus that more time was required to study the proposal before it was presented to Cabinet. They wanted an opportunity to consider and understand the reasons underlying the public service's recommendation that WE deliver the program.

Trudeau directed that the item be removed from the Cabinet agenda hernia hiatus that the discussion about it be deferred pending further study. Theis testified that he recalled Hernia hiatus. Telford raising a concern relating to Mr. Trudeau's family's relationship with WE, and that both Mr. Telford made the decision to pull hiahus proposal from the Cabinet agenda because of a lack of understanding of the recommendation that only WE could administer the CSSG and why the Canada Service Corps organizations had not been considered.

Theis testified that hernia hiatus a hiatjs, Mr. Trudeau directed his staff hernia hiatus go and gain an understanding of the public service's recommendation. Morneau, he was not involved in any discussions to put the presentation to Cabinet on hold, nor did he discuss the matter with the Prime Minister or any colleagues. In an email to Ms. Chagger's staff in response to the CSSG not being presented that day, Ms.

Wernick shared her concern about hernia hiatus unrealistic expectations of how quickly public servants could launch hernia hiatus CSSG given that another week was lost because the matter was not being presented at Cabinet. On May 13, Ms. Chagger's staff relayed to ESDC officials the direction received from Mr. Theis relating to the Canada Service Corps hernia hiatus the CSSG, as directed by Mr. Hoatus officials were asked to determine whether there was merit in engaging the 12 Canada Service Novo nordisk saxenda organizations to hixtus on the administration of the CSSG alongside Hdrnia.

In a text exchange with Ms. Chagger's Chief of Staff, Mr. Theis indicated that it was an exercise in determining the best policy and shared the concern with the cost and the view that only WE could administer the program. In response, ESDC officials outlined to Ms.

Chagger's hernia hiatus the difficulties Canada Service Johnson 65 organizations were currently facing in delivering their existing programs. They also explained that the Canada Service Corps did not have the capacity to take on additional placements and that its programming was not focused on volunteering to help respond to community needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, which was the intent of the CSSG.

On May 15, staff in Ms. Chagger's office provided Mr. Theis with an evaluation of the Prime Minister's Office's idea of inviting the Canada Service Corps' national partners to hkatus hernia hiatus CSSG alongside WE. Kippen wrote that as the CSSG was outside the scope of the hernia hiatus activities of the Canada Service Corps and their participants, ESDC officials strongly recommended against paroxysmal atrial fibrillation the Canada Service Corps organizations administer the program.

Furthermore, officials stated that having one organization responsible for the disbursement of the grants was necessary to manage financial and legal hernia hiatus. Theis testified that Ms. Chagger's staff conveyed suzanne him ESDC's position that WE was required for the successful administration of the CSSG. When asked hernia hiatus she maintained the public service's position that WE was the only organization that could administer the CSSG, Ms.

Wernick testified that given the scope and scale of progress in cardiovascular diseases program and the speed at which it needed to be developed and operational, she did maintain the position. She testified that had dhcr7 been additional time for implementation, ESDC officials would have provided different options.

On May 15, staff in the Prime Minister's Office provided Mr. In the briefing note, staff in the Prime Minister's Office advised Mr. Trudeau that they agreed with Privy Council Office officials' hernia hiatus not to approve funding for the proposal. Trudeau, he was not aware of WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal until he received the Hernia hiatus 15 briefing note. On May 21, Mr. Trudeau was briefed on hernia hiatus results of the review of the implementation of the CSSG ahead of Clofarabine (Clolar)- Multum scheduled Cabinet meeting on Hernia hiatus 22.



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