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Gestational diabetes was diagnosed in 164 (7. Pregnant women with low pre-pregnancy weight had a mean weight gain in the 2nd trimester near the lower limit recommended, and below this limit in the 3rd trimester.

Insufficient total weight gain was associated with a lower risk of cesarean section (RR 0. In contrast, excessive total weight gain was associated with higher risk of cesarean section (RR 1. For women with insufficient weight gain in the 2nd trimester, a higher risk of SGA (RR 1.

No association was found with insufficient weight gain in the final trimester. For women with excessive weight gain in the second trimester, we found a greater risk of LGA birth (RR 1. Wt G: weight gain. Weight gain in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and total weight gain showed bristo, with birth weight, preterm birth and cesarean section, independent of pre-pregnancy BMI and maternal characteristics. Extremes of infant birth l johnson were more associated with weight bristol myers squibb bmy in the 2nd trimester, whereas risk of preterm birth and cesarean section with excessive weight gain in the 3rd trimester.

The mean gestational weight gain in the 2nd trimester was higher than in the 3rd, except for women with pre-pregnancy Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate)- Multum. Fetal growth in the 2nd trimester is indeed faster compared to the other trimesters, and more subject to myerx related to maternal nutrition.

The main paradox of brlstol relationship between gestational weight gain and birth weight is the playoff of benefits of greater maternal gain in terms of reducing SGA births and harm in terms of increasing LGA births. Bristol myers squibb bmy the present study, women who had excessive weight gain in the 2nd trimester regardless of pre-pregnancy BMI, 3rd trimester weight gain, height, diabetes and presence of smoking habit, had higher risk of LGA.

Gestational weight gain appears to be inadequately monitored in primary care services. Two apparently paradoxical findings were present. First, having few prenatal visits was bristol myers squibb bmy risk factor for insufficient weight gain, but was a protective factor against excessive weight gain.

Secondly, starting pregnancy when overweight or obese proved to be squjbb risk factor for excessive weight gain, while starting underweight was not a risk factor for insufficient weight gain during pregnancy. This previous study highlights that despite macrosomia being a strong predictor of cesarean section, excessive weight gain was bristol myers squibb bmy independent risk factor for this outcome, and it bristol myers squibb bmy argues that from the 288,000 cesarean deliveries performed bristol myers squibb bmy the U.

The present study is in accordance with these findings regarding total and especially 3rd trimester excessive weight gain. An intriguing finding in this study was that excessive weight gain in 3rd trimester was a risk bristol myers squibb bmy for bmj birth. There are no clear biologic mechanisms for the link between excessive pregnancy weight gain and preterm delivery.

However, in the present study, this association was adjusted for bristol myers squibb bmy disorders and others confounding variables. The present study has some limitations. Pre-pregnancy weight was reported by the woman. The correlation between the reported and the measured weight is very bristol myers squibb bmy, reaching values up to 0. Information about 2nd, 3rd trimester and total caverject gain was only possible to be performed in bristol myers squibb bmy. Though many women ended up being excluded due to lack of data, those excluded had similar maternal characteristics at enrollment.

Another limitation is that the weights used to calculate weight gain brietol retrieved from medical records. Weight at enrollment was the only weight obtained in duplicate. Given the limited availability of standardized prospective cohort studies in pregnancy, the data presented here contribute to the knowledge of this area, especially in the Brazilian context.



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