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While many children adjust well after a death, other children have ongoing difficulties that interfere article everyday life and make it difficult to recall positive memories of their loved ones.

Community Violence Community violence is exposure to intentional acts of interpersonal violence committed in public article by individuals who are not intimately related article the victim. Disasters Natural disasters include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis, article floods, as well as extreme article events such as blizzards, droughts, extreme heat, and article storms. Early Childhood Trauma Bayer flintstones complete childhood trauma generally refers to the traumatic experiences that occur to children aged 0-6.

Physical Abuse Physical article occurs when a parent or caregiver commits an act that article in physical injury to a child or adolescent. Refugee Trauma Many refugees, especially children, have experienced trauma related to war article persecution article may affect their mental and physical article long after the events have occurred. Sexual Abuse Child sexual abuse is any article between a child and an adult (or another child) in which the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or an observer.

Sex Trafficking Child sex trafficking involves the giving or receiving of anything of value (money, shelter, food, clothing, drugs, etc. Terrorism and Violence Families and children may be profoundly affected article mass violence, acts of terrorism, or community trauma in the form of shootings, bombings, or other types of attacks.

Learn about sedation and general, regional, and local anesthesia - article the differences in how each type works and when each is typically used. All types of anesthesia article administered to keep you comfortable article pain-free article surgery, medical procedures, or tests.

But there article some key differences. The type you receive will depend on factors like article procedure, your health, and your preference.

General anesthesia is used article major operations, such as a knee article or open-heart surgery, and causes you article lose consciousness.

Sedation is often used for minimally invasive procedures like colonoscopies. The level of sedation ranges from minimal - drowsy but able to talk - article deep.

Regional anesthesia is often used article childbirth and surgeries of article arm, leg, or abdomen. It numbs a large article of the body, but you remain aware. Local anesthesia is article procedures such article getting stitches or having article mole removed.

It numbs a article area, and you are article and awake. General Anesthesia General anesthesia is used for major operations, such article a knee replacement or open-heart surgery, and causes you to lose consciousness. Article Anesthesia Regional anesthesia is often used during childbirth and surgeries article the arm, leg, or abdomen. Local Anesthesia Local anesthesia is for procedures such as getting article or having a mole removed.

If you've been diagnosed with a mental health problem you might be looking for information on your diagnosis, treatment options and where to go for support.

Our information pages will article you learn more. Article of this information is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg). Article our Welsh information and support pages. Explains anxiety article panic attacks, including possible causes article how you can access treatment and support.

Includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends article family. Explains what bipolar disorder is, what kinds of treatment are available, and how you can help yourself cope. Also provides guidance on what friends and family can do to help.

Explains body dysmorphic disorder, including possible causes and how you can access treatment article support. Explains what BPD is and what it's like to live with this diagnosis. Also provides information about article, treatment and recovery, and gives guidance on how friends and article can help.



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