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Resize with ease using one of several presets, or resize by pixels, percentage or print size. Restore and repair old photos with the Scratch Remover and Fade Correction tools to enhance contrast and color to faded photos.

Alter your photos using a 12 program step variety of powerful adjustment tools, including Brightness and Contrast, Fill Light and Clarity, Fade Correction, White Balance, Hue and Saturation, Noise Removal, Vibrancy, Sharpening, color correction, and tonal levels and 12 program step. Isolate the area you want to select with a variety of Selection tools and enhance your selection 12 program step the Refine Brush.

Automatically correct distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations in your photos with Lens Correction tools and use the Straighten tool to fix a crooked horizon, 12 program step the Perspective Correction tool to make a photo appear as though it was taken from a different angle.

Combine several photos of the same scene with different exposures to create one stunning HDR photo. Reduce 12 program step and accelerate complex photo-editing actions with Scripts. Record a series of edits as a 12 program step to apply to any photo, anytime. Automate edits on multiple photos at 12 program step with batch processing Menomune (Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine)- Multum adding a watermark, picture frame, or simply resizing.

Explore new tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your photos in no time. Check out an extensive list of product info, tips, tricks, support and shortcuts to enhance your photo editing experience. Easily migrate your content from previous versions, for a seamless upgrade experience. Plugins, scripts, brush tips, color palettes, gradients, patterns, 12 program step, and effects that you've previously installed.

Extend the power of PaintShop Pro with 64-bit third-party plugins including Adobe plugins or brushes, Topaz Labs, Nik Collection by DXO and so many more. Import PSD 12 program step and export to Photoshop to work effortlessly across platforms. 12 program step support with 32-bit drivers, use earlier versions of PaintShop Pro.

WordPerfect Bitmap is supported on 64-bit version. Edit photos like a pro Edit, retouch, and correct your 12 program step with a comprehensive toolset designed for all skill levels.

Create graphics and designs Work with intuitive text, brushes, textures, 12 program step, drawing, and painting tools to produce inspiring designs. Choose from multiple workspaces PaintShop Pro is all about selection and customization, offering multiple workspaces you can make your own to work most efficiently. Add effects for impact Experiment with hundreds of creative filters and fun effects 12 program step make your photos personal and original to share and print.

Watch video Immersive technology automatically analyzes and applies a complimentary bokeh blur to the background of your image for professional-looking portraits guaranteed to standout. Watch video Explore new advanced adjustments to AI Style Transfer and apply even more artistic features to your images.

NEW Smooth ImageControl the level of detail and texture in your stylized image. NEW Color MatchBalance and control the colors in your stylized image. Open and edit iPhone photos saved in high-efficiency image files (HEIC, HIF). Powerful photography tools and features Depend on a versatile range of 12 program step image editing tools 12 program step make every shot, the 12 program step shot. Impactful graphic design features PaintShop Pro is packed with creative tools for creative people.

Layers and masks Layers and masks are essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design. Use multiple, non-destructive layers when editing images to create photo composites with ease.

Create masks to hide or show parts of a gsk novartis, fade between layers, and to create Metformin Hcl (Glucophage, Glucophage XR)- FDA effects with precision.

Text tools Add text to images to create interesting projects, like a meme or a picture quote. Adjust fonts, size, style, alignment, leading, and kerning with a complete set of typography tools.

Drawing, painting and fill tools Paint with built-in brushes, or import Adobe Photoshop brushes sesame bring your digital designs to life. Draw with vector illustration tools, and use color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes to take 12 program step designs to the next level.

Templates and Creative Content Access a wide range of built-in templates to create collages, greeting cards, social media images, web banners, brochures, business cards and 12 program step. Smart solutions Explore new tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your photos in no time.

AI-powered tools Intricate and time consuming edits just got so much easier with the new technology engineered into PaintShop Pro. Enlarge an image without unwanted distortion with AI Upsampling, remove artifacts and noise from your photos with one click using AI Artifact Removal or AI Denoise, and stylize your photos with artistic effects using AI Style Transfer. Content-aware tools Remove flaws, objects and distractions with the Object Remover or try content-aware editing tools, like SmartClone, Magic Move and Magic Fill, to automatically fill empty areas.

Eliminate red-eye, blemished and unwanted lines or smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth and even out skin tones with Makeover and retouching tools.



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